Welcome to Bath Child Contact Centre

What is a contact centre? 

A neutral meeting place run by volunteers, where children of separated relationships can enjoy the company of their absent parent/carer or other relative in a safe environment. It is child centered and confidential.

Who comes and how?

Anyone who has problems with contact arrangements.

We might be needed for a one-off visit or on a regular basis for a longer period  or just as a hand over point to save parents from meeting. Referrals are  made through a negotiator e.g. the courts, CAFCASS, solicitors or Social Services. We will also accept self-referrals. Referrals cannot be accepted without a completed referral form (available download from this site) and copy of any court order.

What facilities are there? 

We have two large rooms where children and parents can spend the afternoon together – one quieter for toddlers and talk, the other for more boisterous play. Another room is provided for the parent/carer bringing the child.

There are two separate entrances so there is no need for parents to meet. Low price refreshments are on sale.

What parents should know before visiting the Centre 

We do not provide supervised contact on a listening, one to one basis We do not provide reports for the court. We are independent of all statutory bodies. We will however provide dates and times of all arrivals and departures. We do not negotiate, but support contact arrangements, therefore:-

Agreement must have been reached on:
  • Time, length and frequency of contact
  • Whether the child can be taken out of the Centre by the visitor
  • Who else is allowed to visit ie. siblings, grandparents etc.
  • Whether the visitor is to wait behind for five minutes after contact before leaving the Centre
  • Toileting arrangements
For the safety and protection of the children there are at least five trained volunteers led by a team leader. If there are concerns for children they will be returned to the adult who brought them.

Both parents will be provided with a Welcome Pack which we ask they read prior to the pre-visit.

There are three storybooks, to help prepare children for contact, the appropriate one will will be given to the child by their referrer or in the case of a self-referral, the resident parent will be asked to cover the cost of this. This should be read with the child before both pre-visit and following contact visits; it will help everyone’s understanding.

It is in everyone’s best interest to have a pre-visit the week before contact is due to take place. Please make an appointment with the Co-ordinator to arrange times so that parties do not meet.

To ensure quality contact no-one other than those stated on the form will be allowed to attend. If there are concerns regarding the visitor toileting the child, the adult bringing the child must remain in the building.

We must have contact telephone numbers for both parties, in case of cancellation.
Please be assured that these numbers will never be divulged to the other parent. Parents cannot change their dates without first consulting the Co-ordinator.

The Co-ordinator must be informed of cessation of contact the week before the last contact visit to make way for others. Please arrange who is going to do this – referrer or client.

Children must never be left at the Centre without an adult friend or relative on the premises.