Guidance on Photos and Social Media

Photos may be taken at the Centre unless there is a court order which states this should not be permitted.  Visitors must ask if they may take a photo ensuring that no other centre users are visible.  This is an opportunity for volunteers to offer to take it for them.  Should we feel that this rule is being ignored we will politely request that the phone or camera be put away.

During contact families are not permitted to use any devices (including phones, tablets, laptops) for Skype or Facetime sessions with other absent family members or friends.  Contact is to take place between the named non-resident parent or visitor and the child(ren) only.  This policy is in place to protect the privacy and confidentiality of all Centre users. 

At pre-visits we ask that photos taken at the Centre be kept for personal use only and should not be pasted on a social media site.  We acknowledge that this is a significant part of many people’s lives but it is our experience that photos networked have the potential to cause additional issues.

Please contact the Co-ordinator if you have any further questions regarding photos and social media.