Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy

Bath Child Contact Centre aims to provide a secure, friendly, but non-intrusive environment where the children of separated or divorced parents can exercise their right to meet their absent parent.

The Centre is a member of the National Association of Child Contact Centres, which includes recognition that “Centres exist within a multi-culture, multi-faith society and should seek to act in ways that reflect this”.

The Centre recognises the need to take positive action to eliminate discrimination, whether deliberate or unintentional and to seek training on the different cultural and religious attitudes to divorce and family issues represented within their community. Toys, books and games provided by the Centre are carefully selected and constantly upgraded to provide for multi-cultural use.

Some families are required to attend under Court Orders, whilst others will be referred by Solicitors, Family Court Welfare Officers, mediators etc. No family / person is excluded on the grounds of gender, background, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, disability.

Parent Information Leaflets are available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish and German. Ben’s Story, the preparation book for 3+ children is available in Welsh.

Ben’s Story is also available on tape for blind children or whose parents have reading difficulties.

Although dogs are not allowed in the Centre, this of course does not apply to a blind or sight impaired client.

There is wheelchair access to both visitors’ and children’s entrances and a lift is available for access between the upper and lower floors if necessary.

It is understood that an interpreter may accompany deaf or hearing-impaired clients.

No volunteer is excluded on the grounds of gender, background, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, race, religion, age, disability. However, the physical nature of the work involved in setting up and dismantling the Centre demands that the majority of volunteers are not physically disabled, as this would put an added strain on the remainder of the team. Because of the need to be constantly vigilant for the safety of the children, it is also necessary that volunteers have reasonable vision.

Recruitment is ongoing and every effort is made to recruit from the community and ethnic minority communities. Volunteers are carefully selected because of the sensitive nature of the work and training includes awareness of the vulnerability of the families.

In a tense and potentially volatile situation, the dignity of all users is respected and strategies are designed to minimise the possibility of conflict or harassment which could cause humiliation, particularly to the children.

Where it is observed, or an immediate complaint is made, that a child, parent or Centre worker is being subjected verbally or physically to racial, sexual or other harassment, the following action is taken:

The Co-ordinator or Team Leader shall decide whether the behaviour justifies immediate exclusion from the Centre and, if so, shall take steps to exclude the abuser, even if the person attends under a Court Order.