Health & Safety Policy

Our policy is to provide and maintain premises and equipment, which are safe and healthy for all – children, parents and volunteers.

Visiting and Resident Parents will be kept informed of essential Health and Safety policies (see the three leaflets) ‘Welcome’: ‘How to make the best use of our Contact Centre’ for Visiting Parents (yellow) and Resident Parents (Green); and ‘Fire Precautions and Procedures’.


  • All equipment and toys will be checked regularly and cleaned and repaired as necessary
  • In the case of toilets, any hazards or cleanliness issues are to be reported to the Coordinator (via the Team Leader) for forwarding to the relevant church officer.
  • Crockery will be washed in hot antibacterial detergent
  • Corridors and Fire Exits will be kept clear of obstacles (notice boards etc)
  • Neither smoking nor alcohol is allowed on the premises
  • The urn and all lights will be switched off at the end of the session
  • Both exterior doors will be locked when vacating the building.


  • The first aid box is kept in the kitchen cupboard
  • A sign, warning that ‘hot drinks scald’ will be put clearly visible for clients
  • Disposable gloves will be used when handling injuries involving blood, sputum or vomit
  • All accidents must be noted in the accident book in the briefcase, as well as in the client’s file
  • Any accident to a child must be reported to the Resident Parent
  • Any accident to a volunteer must be reported to the Co-ordinator


If anyone has to deal with any accident involving cuts or grazes, disposable gloves within the First Aid box must be used.


All toys which have been sucked by babies must be disinfected
Child toilet seat and potty must be disinfected after use
Nappy bucket must be relined and used bag tied up and disposed of in the bin.


Fire Precaution and Evacuation Procedures are contained within a separate leaflet (attached) must be read by the volunteers regularly and understand them clearly.
Fire briefings are to be carried out with volunteers before commencing of each Contact session.
Fire Precaution and Evacuation Procedures leaflets are provided to all parents prior to their first contact session.


During Contact Sessions:

  • A strict record is kept of everyone entering and leaving the Centre
  • Automatic lock at Children’s entrance is switched on, and Visitor’s entrance is locked and attended by volunteer.
  • All cupboard doors are locked
  • Alarms are activated
  • Volunteer present at each exit for duration of session.

Risk Assessments

Formal risk assessments will be undertaken every two years to identify any hazards which may lead to an accident. This will encompass the centre premises limited to the areas which the centre uses, and all equipment and toys provided by the centre. The records of risk assessments will be kept on file, including any actions taken on mitigating or removing any hazards.

Weekly checks should be made to identify any new hazards. An “aide mémoire” is included in the Team Leader’s Folder for use before contact sessions commence.


In the event of an emergency, volunteers should ring 999 for the necessary service (fire, police, ambulance) and give full address of Centre. You may be asked to provide the Centre postcode – this is BA2 6PJ.

The Co-ordinator must also be informed as soon as practicable.


Volunteers are carefully selected, and given regular training. At least five are on duty each Saturday, including a specially trained Team Leader. A volunteer is appointed as a Health and Safety Representative, to ensure that our policies and practices are up to date. Our current appointed Health & Safety representative is Ian Simms.